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New Era Farm Service, Inc. is an agronomic service corporation specializing in organic matter management for agricultural soils and crop nutritional support systems. This is accomplished by improving soil organic matter quality and by balancing soil and plany mineral content. Our recommendations are uniquely balanced between traditional N-P-K inputs and more advanced methods of fertilization, including sustainable farming practices. In today's marketplace, there is increasing emphasis on pesticide-safe, nutritionally sound food products. Mainstream agriculture is in transition to meet this emphasis, and NEFS has been instrumental in furthering these ideas and techniques for over 35 years. Sophisticated analysis of soil, water, and tissue are the basis of both short and long-term programs. Our goal is to educate and equip the grower with a cost-effective fertility program which meets the needs of the current crop and contrinually improves the quality and productive capacity of that great farming asset, the soil.

Doug Graham grew up in Mendota, CA, attended Tranquillity High School, Orange Coast College and Fresno State College. In 1995 he started as a consultant with New Era Farm Service which has been a manufacturer of organic compost and fertilizers since 1974. Doug also studied under Dr. Elaine Ingham and became a Soil Foodweb Advisor for her lab in Corvallis, OR. He is one of the owners of New Era Farm Service, as well as a Certified Crop Advisor, Chairman of the Organic Fertilizer Association of California, member of the State of California Subcommittee for the implementation of AB856 and also the State of California’s Fertilizer Inspections Advisory Board.